NeuroModulation Technique (NMT)

A safe, effective, and rapid method of restoring the body's inherent capacity to heal.

NMT trains the body to correct the causes of disease in a natural way.

For complete information about the NMT autism research study I designed and conducted, as well as a more detailed description of NMT, click on the Autism Research menu item above for the study details. Also listed on that page are case reports from parents whose children participated in the study, as well as a link to a Facebook page where you can ask questions about the study or about other applications of NMT.

What is NMT?

NeuroModulation Technique is a very comprehensive system of health care developed and taught by Dr. Les Feinberg. NeuroModulation Technique is the result of a nearly twenty five-year study of healing methods ranging from ancient Chinese acupuncture to new healing techniques developed around the world over the past century.

The methods Dr. Feinberg studied attempted to influence similar body mechanisms. No system, however, ever revealed what the control mechanisms for the body were, nor had the developers of these methods determined a consistent and effective pathway to healing. In early 2002, a breakthrough in the research resulted in the creation of a powerful system of healing based on the combination of accepted principles of science with energy medicine. NMT has demonstrated that nearly any illness can be improved by the application of NMT treatment protocols.

Why do we get sick in the first place?

The human body has a system of powerful regulatory controls. Good health should be our natural state of being. When illness arises, it is often due to factors that interfere with our body's internal control system. When this occurs, it can become a challenge to regain our health.

Some health issues addressed by NeuroModulation Technique are:

• Allergy to any food, inhalant, drug or substance.
• Autoimmune disease: confusion of the autonomic nervous system that results in immune system attacks on our own body tissue.
• Errors in sensitivity settings of pain and stretch receptors causing erroneous perception of pain and tightness in the body.
• Exposure to toxic agents such as pesticides, industrial chemicals and heavy metals.
• Unrecognized infectious agents which can be stealth variations of common organisms that escape detection by our immune system.
• Exogenous analogs: environmental chemicals that mimic our body's hormones and confuse our endocrine and hormonal function.
• Altered genomic patterns: body cells that have mutated from the normal pattern of our DNA genome.
• Pernicious Synaptic Patterns: errors in nervous system data recording that compromise regulation of body function.
By correcting errors in the body's regulatory systems, NMT restores the body's innate capacity to heal.

NMT is based on accepted principles of neurophysiology.

The human nervous system is a sophisticated bio-computer that has conscious or voluntary control systems (VCS) as well as unconscious or autonomic control systems (ACS). If we were aware of autonomic control system functions taking place every moment, we would be so distracted by body processes that we would not be able to concentrate on anything else. For efficient functioning, an awareness barrier exists between these two parts of our nervous system.

NMT uses a clinically friendly method of muscle response testing (MRT) to communicate with the ACS. Muscle response testing is used because we cannot talk directly to our nervous system.

MRT is used first to access the ACS to obtain information regarding internal functioning of the body. It then assesses the errors in ACS functioning that are responsible for illness. Finally, NMT uses a powerful and unique system of clinical treatment protocols tailored to the various causes of imbalances discovered in the patient. These NMT protocols modulate the condition and gently encourage the control systems of the body to return to optimal functioning.

The therapeutic effects of NMT on ACS function have been documented with scientific instrumentation including electrodermal response (EDR) and heart rate variability biofeedback (HRV), and clinical research studies of NMT are now underway.

How does NMT correct illness?

Many chronic degenerative diseases result from confusion of the body's immune system. The immune system becomes unable to distinguish between one's own body and foreign invaders, resulting in immune system attacks on the body. The particular disease that develops depends on the part of the body that is targeted by the immune system. When connective tissues are attacked, the result may be rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, Sjögren's disease, fibromyalgia, Lupus or other similar conditions. Targeting the nervous system may result in multiple sclerosis (MS), amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS or Lou Gehrig's disease) or other degenerative nervous system diseases. If the target is the gastrointestinal system, the result may be diseases such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), Crohn's disease or celiac disease. Hypoglycemia, diabetes, hypothyroidism, and adrenal exhaustion can result when the endocrine system is targeted.

Errors in immune system functioning also happen as a result of various types of allergies or from the presence of some types of pathogenic organisms. Cell-wall-deficient bacteria (stealth pathogens) may go unrecognized by the immune system and can provoke the immune system into a generalized inflammatory response that harms tissues in the body. Reprogramming the immune system to recognize these pathogens allows them to be identified and destroyed, stopping the autoimmune attack on the body.

NMT is a very rapid and effective way of correcting all allergies, whether the allergies are to foods, inhalants, external substances, or even allergies to one's own body tissues. Allergies are errors in tagging of incoming sensory information that makes our body believe we have been exposed to a harmful substance. Our immune system is provoked into a defensive response that results in the symptoms we experience. NMT works to correct the erroneous tagging, which stops the allergic reaction. NMT addresses the faulty nervous system processes at the heart of all allergies, and as a result, NMT is typically much faster and more effective than methods that require treatment of allergens one at a time.

NMT treatment can be used to instruct the body to recognize toxins or chemicals we have been exposed to that mimic body hormones. These substances, which are known to cause many illnesses, can prevent multiple enzyme systems in our body from working properly. NMT treatment instructs the autonomic control system to purge these harmful elements from the tissues and safely eliminate them from the body.

How is an NMT treatment performed?

NMT treatment is safe, gentle, and effective. Muscle response testing is used to determine ACS errors, proper corrective statements are given to the ACS, and then areas along the length of the spine are gently stimulated while the patient performs a patterned breathing cycle. This process resets the ACS to optimal functioning.

How does NMT resolve pain in the body?

Pain conditions can result from errors in the sensitivity setting of sensors that tell the nervous system what is happening in the body, as well as from errors in how the nervous system processes information from those sensors. For example, if a pain or stretch receptor in the foot, shoulder or spine is set to trigger too easily and that signal is unnecessarily amplified by the central nervous system, the result can be chronic pain and stiffness. NMT can rapidly correct this error by resetting the nervous system and instructing it to process the signals properly. Conditions that have not responded to drugs, exercise, or physical therapy often respond well to NMT. The most difficult of such conditions typically show marked improvement within six to twelve visits. Patients are often amazed by how rapidly and completely their pain diminishes, at times even within the treatment session.

NMT recognizes the harmful effects on our health when our bio-computer makes errors in data processing related to emotional and psychological perceptions of events that happen to us. To treat these errors, NMT has developed the concept of Pernicious Synaptic Patterns (PSPs). PSPs are erroneous recordings of data in the nervous system that compromise the ability of our brain to process information correctly. NMT very rapidly identifies these patterns and gives the autonomic control system the instructions it needs to eliminate the PSPs. Many physical and emotional conditions involve PSPs. NMT is a highly effective and rapid way to remove PSPs and promote a complete recovery.

When is NMT treatment over?

During your first session, I will advise you of the problems revealed by your NMT evaluation. These findings will be the basis for an estimate of the number of sessions within which we can arrive at some agreed upon level of improvement. It may not be possible to experience only one or two NMT treatments and be able to tell how well NMT will work for you. Some patients may reach a significant level of improvement within their first few visits, and others may present with chronic conditions that may require a number of sessions over a period of weeks before benefit can be determined. No one can predict precisely when you will clearly recognize a change in your condition. If your progress with NMT appears slow, I will discuss options to help optimize your response to treatment.

Based on the clinical experience of many NMT practitioners, patients with chronic conditions that have not responded to many months or even years of other types of treatment have usually had excellent clinical responses with NMT in a matter of weeks, if not sooner.

Who is a good candidate for NMT treatment?

Everyone can benefit from NMT. Newborns or infants who present with allergies or other health conditions can be easily treated. Individuals in their 80's and 90's with conditions like osteoporosis or arthritis can also benefit from NMT, as the treatment is very gentle. NMT has also provided safe and effective treatment for pregnant women, often with low back pain as the presenting complaint, who are unable to take medication while pregnant.

What if I can't make it to your office for a treatment?

NMT can be done remotely - over the phone or via Skype. When the patient is not able to be present, or is not able to actively participate in the muscle response testing such as with an infant, muscle response testing can be performed on a surrogate.

Typically either a family member or the practitioner performing NMT is used as a surrogate for the patient. In the autism study (see Autism Research menu item at the top of the page), a surrogate was used for muscle response testing in every case. In my practice, I always use myself as a surrogate for the patient, which helps standardize the muscle testing. I have done many remote sessions, even with a patient as far away as Germany, with good clinical results!

Is NMT compatible with the care my medical doctor provides?

Many of the patients I treat with NMT are currently under one form of treatment or another by a physician or other health care provider. NMT treatment does not require you to discontinue any care you are currently receiving, nor does it conflict with any type of medical care.

All successful therapeutic relationships are based on trust. It is my obligation to communicate with you honestly and offer you the best possible recommendations and treatment. Begin your course of NMT treatment with the confidence that NMT is safe and effective. I will establish a treatment plan that we both agree is a reasonable one for your condition. Recognize that good health is your birthright and be open to a healing experience. If you have questions about any aspect of your treatment plan, please discuss them with me. Your concerns will always be respected and honored. Enjoy your journey of health and wellness with NMT!