What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is essentially guided imagery (See the Guided Imagery therapy description for details) that is thought to be primarily directed to one’s subconscious mind.

People who undergo hypnosis are brought to a deeply relaxed state through a guided imagery visualization. In this deeply relaxed state, suggestions of goals you want to accomplish are made to your subconscious mind, thereby bypassing the resistance of your conscious mind which has kept you from accomplishing those goals.

In hypnosis, you are in a twilight state between wakefulness and sleep. You are still awake and aware of everything around you and always in full control.

Can hypnosis help me do anything?

A common request I receive is for hypnosis to help someone stop smoking. If that person does not really want to quit smoking, hypnosis may help for a little while, but the effects will wear off and that individual typically will start smoking again.

Hypnosis works best when people are truly committed to carrying out their desired goals but just need a little boost in their will power.

What are some areas hypnosis can help with?

Hypnosis is often used to help a person break a bad habit, to adopt healthy habits (like exercising or eating better), to improve physical health, to help the body heal faster from illnesses, and for pain management. It is also useful for many psychological and emotional problems such as phobias or panic attacks.