Additional NMT Autism Study Parent Reports

These are excerpts from a post-treatment questionnaire that parents filled out 1 week after their child completed the study. The question asked was What improvements in your child's symptoms have you noticed since he/she started NMT?

1. His frustration threshold is much higher, and he waits better and will attempt to help himself before asking for help. He is calmer and his anxieties concerning animals and unfamiliar situations are lower. He is more interactive and initiates activities and conversations. His clothing sensitivities have improved and so have his grades at school.

The therapy was extremely noninvasive. I've never seen him enjoy and look forward to therapy session more and we would look forward to what will be different over the next few days? as a family!

He has missed coming down to see the doctor and normally he hates drives of more than five minutes or so.

2. David is using more sophisticated language and better able to understand language. His eye contact and willingness to interact have increased, which in turn has had an impact on his confidence and ability to employ coping mechanisms. He is better able to express his fears and anxiety and is more receptive to our suggestions for coping. His blossoming ability to express himself has reduced the frequency and durations of tantrums and meltdowns.

NMT seems to enhance and his ability to respond to his environment and other treatments, rather than just his ability to respond to a single or specific stimulus.

3. More visual contact, more alert and conscious about his external world. He is more interested in learning how things work and in doing more activities. He can follow more instructions. He has lost his fear to take a bath and his fear of water. He can draw lines now. He is having more eye contact and can follow instructions at a distance. NMT helped him improve in his other therapies like language, behavior and physical therapies. And NMT goes farther than any other therapy we have tried.

4. Obeys orders at a distance, we don't have to tell him things face-to-face. He understands distant orders like let's go. Started saying Mom (after three years). Started defending himself from other kids. He doesn't let other kids or his brother take his toys or books if he is using them. It has been very impressive because the results were so fast. He is much more alert and conscious.

5. Calmer, better enunciation of words, more involved in his environment, socially more aware of his environment. After three or four sessions, he was more aware of things. I've seen progress in social interactions that I have not seen before. The progress I have seen in six weeks socially is amazing.

6. Understanding verbal instructions better. Midway through the treatment, he made sounds.

7. Cowardly symptoms have reduced. Mood has improved. Sleep is less disturbed. Other therapies have not helped with these issues.

8. Bowels have improved (more regular), less anxious, better in car (not as aggravated), less aggressive, calmer demeanor. This was the least invasive treatment, above all else.

9. Some subtle but promising changes in overall awareness and shifts in cognition. NMT is a gentle noninvasive therapy with no side effects that should be explored further.