NMT sessions completed via Skype

This father's daughter, now 10 years-old, started to develop symptoms of autism at the age of 2 after receiving a vaccination. Her parents did not want to go the traditional medical route but instead wanted to try a non-invasive treatment. The daughter did not participate in the NMT Autism Study, but she received the same NMT treatment that was given to those children who participated in the study.

The initial NMT session was done in my office, then we did 11 more 30 minute sessions over the course of a year via Skype, for a total treatment time of 6 hours. The only other therapies his daughter has received is speech therapy and hyperbaric oxygen treatments.

My daughter NM has been doing NMT sessions with Dr. Weiner for about a year. Most of the sessions have been via Skype in the comfort of our home. When we did take her to his office, my daughter warmed up to him very quickly and enjoyed being around him. Dr. Weiner gives excellent input for diet needs based on NMT data. Below is a summary of improvements that we have observed in our daughter NM:

1) She was able to eat a significant increase in variety of foods without getting negative reactions such as constipation and loss of concentration.

2) She became aware of time and sequence of events happening in our lives.

3) As a result of #2, she shows a want to now plan her day and even her week!

4) She is beginning to tell us some details of happenings in her school for that day.