NeuroEmotional Technique (NET)

Neuro Emotional TechniqueTM (NET) is based on a combination of scientific research and centuries-old healing techniques.

NET is a process that identifies and helps one let go of old, repetitive patterns that are not adaptive and are no longer working.

If one is in a weakened state due to excessive stress, physical trauma, poor nutrition or environmental toxins, everyday emotions may not resolve on their own.

When our bodies fail to release these emotions we may find ourselves with unexplained aversions, self-sabotaging behaviors, destructive beliefs, phobias or even chronic physical problems.

Later in our lives when we experience a similar situation as the one we previously encountered, the same emotional responses may occur. We rarely see the link between past events and the current situation. NET can help identify the unresolved event from the past and help your body release any lingering emotional charges.

After an NET correction, many patients report feeling that a heavy weight has been lifted from their shoulders that they weren’t even aware of carrying.

NET is a safe, effective and natural way to resolve long-standing health conditions that have an emotional component.