Acudetox (Ear Acupuncture)

What is Acudetox?

Acudetox is a well-documented ear acupuncture protocol that is used to treat addictions of all kinds, specifically alcoholism, substance abuse, and chemical dependency.

Clinical research using the Acudetox protocol has demonstrated improved treatment outcomes, reduced cravings for alcohol and drugs including nicotine, minimized withdrawal symptoms, less agitation, lower anxiety, increased calmness, more energy, improved concentration and better sleep,

Participants in research studies have also reported other clinical benefits such as reduction in trauma, PTSD and ADHD symptoms, improved mood and overall health as well as the discovery of inner quiet and strength.

Feelings of calm and peacefulness are often reported after receiving an Acudetox treatment, as the stimulation of ear acupuncture points appears to cause the systemic release of endorphins.

Higher levels of endorphins are associated with reduced pain, less stress symptoms, appropriate modulation of appetite, an enhancement of the immune response and a sense of well-being, whereas low levels of endorphins are associated with increased sensitivity to both emotional and physical pain as well as a propensity for addiction and risk-taking behavior.


Five ear acupuncture points are used in an Acudetox treatment: Shenmen, Sympathetic, Kidney, Liver and Lung. These points stimulate major detoxification organs and the emotions associated with them. Very fine gauge, new, pre-sterilized, one-time use needles are used in each session.

Shenmen (or Spirit gate): used for calming and relaxing. The Shenmen point grounds the body and calms the spirit, thus putting the individual into a state of receptivity for treatment. The Shenmen point helps alleviate anxiety, depression, cravings, sleeplessness and body aches and pains. The Shenmen opens the door to our inner awareness and higher power and helps us to relax emotionally and evolve spiritually.

Sympathetic (sympathetic nervous system): used for relieving tension and pain by relaxing the sympathetic nervous system (our fight or flight response) and allowing its counterpart, the parasympathetic system (our ability to relax) to predominate. By treating the sympathetic point we are helping the entire body physically relax.

Kidney: used to strengthen the willpower, release fears and release unwanted toxins. The kidney is the organ that encapsulates the person's constitution/genetic inheritance as well as the state of one's current health. It is useful in all chronic problems. A healthy kidney keeps a person balanced physically and psychologically. The kidney governs all of the developmental life phases, from conception through puberty and adulthood to menopause and aging.

Liver: used to detoxify by removing the chemical residues in the body from drugs, alcohol and other environmental toxins. Our liver is the source of our ability to adapt and grow into our environment. It helps us manifest our own sense of direction and purpose and to be fully present with the people in our lives. A healthy liver is associated with more easily resolving anger, frustration and depression, and with keeping both the emotions and the body’s systems moving smoothly.

Lung: used to help respiration, release sadness and grief, as well as for detoxification. Stimulating the Lung point helps strengthen one’s immune system and helps protect the body from disease. It also helps with breathing ailments caused by smoking, colds, flu, and asthma. The Lung point helps the body excrete alcohol and other drugs.