Swedish Massage
Massage for the full body with stretching and passive range of motion exercise for the joints, first used for inactive or hospitalized patients. Research indicates that one hour of massage is as stimulating to the immune system as 4 hours of active exercise. Developed by Swedish physical therapist Pehr Henrik Ling and others from 1813-1909.

This massage is purely for deep relaxation/stress relief. This technique combines well with foot or hand reflexology. Esalen massage was developed at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California in the 1960’s.

Sports, Traditional and Russian Massage
These techniques include site-specific treatment for rehabilitation of injury, and may be generally applied for injury prevention. Great for week-end warriors as well as athletes preparing for competitive events. Sports massage combines well with lymphatic and CranioSacral therapies. The traditional sports massage techniques I use were developed by a French orthopedist, Benny Vaughn and Dr. Aaron Mattes. The Russian therapeutic techniques were developed for the Russian Olympic athletes throughout the cold war era. These techniques are applied for short intervals several times per week for maximum results.