Lymph Drainage Therapy

A precise and gentle manual therapy developed to promote increased healthy circulation of lymphatic fluid in the body

What is Lymph Drainage Therapy?
Lymphatic Drainage Therapy is a bodywork technique that involves a light, rhythmic touch that encourages the lymph fluid along its preplanned course through the lymph nodes and to the heart. The touch needs to be light because the lymph system is just below the skin.

Techniques are performed with hands and fingers simulating gentle, wave-like movements. They are neither tiring nor straining but light-touch and gentle to receive.

These subtle manual maneuvers activate lymph and interstitial fluid circulation as well as stimulate the functioning of the immune and parasympathetic nervous systems.

What can it be used for?
Most people are familiar with the lymphatic swelling (edema) present in conditions such as mumps or ankle sprains. Many, though, are not aware that the lymphatic circulatory system is a major component of our immune system. The lymph system filters out toxins, transports nutrition into cells and carries waste material out of cells.

Dental problems, tissue injury, surgery, chemotherapy, infections and auto-immune disorders can cause an overabundance of lymphatic fluid in the body as the body attempts to heal from injury or illness. Prolonged swelling, however, actually slows the healing process. Lymph drainage therapy is effectively used to reduce or eliminate symptoms of many common health complaints.

Lymph drainage therapy is used to reduce or eliminate edema; promote wound, tissue and bone healing; stimulate and improve the immune system function; reduce or eliminate muscle cramps, sprains and strains; improve blood and lymph flow in muscles; produce relaxation, assisting parasympathetic activity while calming sympathetic fight or flight reactions; and helps with general health enhancement.

Lymph Drainage Therapy Benefits

  • Alleviates symptoms of stress and depression
  • Antispastic action relieves muscle spasms
  • Deep relaxation aids insomnia, loss of vitality and loss of memory
  • Facilitates regeneration of tissue, including burns, scars (pre- and post-surgical), skin ulcers, wrinkles, stretch marks, acne, eczema
  • Helps in detoxifying the body
  • Improves dental conditions including tooth pain, periodontitis, gingivitis, pain from dental surgery
  • Improves skin tone, muscle tone and fluid circulation in the body
  • Improves tissue function both pre-and post-surgery
  • Is very calming and relaxing
  • Promotes healthier immune and nervous system functioning
  • Reduces allergy symptoms
  • Reduces chronic pain of all types including bone fracture pain
  • Reduces edemas (swelling) of many origins
  • Reduces symptoms of chronic and subacute inflammation (including sinusitis, ear infections, bronchitis, tonsillitis, laryngitis)
  • Reduces symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia and auto-immune disorders including arthritis
  • Shortens recovery time post-surgery