Family Allergy Relief

This is a mother's report about the work I did with her and her children.

I began having allergies about seven years ago which lead to sinus headaches and infections, about one a season. I would take Allegra, Flonase and eye drops to help with the symptoms but always felt dry and thirsty from the medicine.

I was referred to Dr. Bob Weiner one day from a friend. We were talking about alternative medicine when she told me about her experiences with NMT. She had had great success and had stopped taking all her allergy medicines, which she took year round.

I was eager to see if Dr. Weiner could help me and went to see him. From the very first visit, I immediately felt like I had more energy and could breathe more clearly than I had in months. He told me it would last for about three months and that I would probably need a tune-up. My first treatment lasted for six months, as have all the other treatments. I haven't experienced another sinus infection or headache since that first visit. I can't explain it, but it has helped.

I also took both of my children to Dr. Weiner for just one visit the following spring. My son and daughter were on Zyrtec daily and each had at least one allergy related sinus infection a year. My son had been through five rounds of antibiotics over the preceding six months. My daughter hasn't been on any medicine since that time. My son has had to take allergy medicine but hasn't had a sinus infection since his NMT treatment.