7 Year Old With Autism

This is a mother's report about the work I did with her son using NMT.

We have a seven year old boy named Will who was diagnosed with autism 5 years ago. Throughout the last five years we have done many therapies including ABA, Physical Therapy and CranioSacral therapy, among others.

We brought Will to Dr. Weiner in for NeuroModulation Technique. Will just finished his 13th NMT session. During this time period with Dr. Weiner we have seen many improvements in Will’s speech, awareness, eye contact, and overall focus. Will is a VERY picky eater and during the last week he tried 3 new foods!

We truly believe that Dr. Weiner has helped Will detox naturally. The last 2 weeks he had a rash that we believe was related to the detox of toxins and with that release of toxins was a big jump in language! He is using more appropriate language when asked a question and he is actually answering us quicker. His eyes are brighter and he seems happier! We still have issues to work on but to see progress like we have, helps us look forward to working with Dr. Weiner even more.

I cannot thank him enough for all his work and dedication to our kids.

After the 14th session:

I wanted to give you an update on Will. Well our BIGGEST WOW yet! He is actually having a conversation with us (small) but a conversation! We get about 2 exchanges a time. He is more alert and aware too. He is still repeating a lot but he seems more able to tell me what he needs and wants.